Email or Guardian’s Email:

Age: 15

Club: LV Pros/Shattuck St Mary’s

High School: Real Salt Lake Academy High School

GPA: 3.405

ACT: not taken

SAT: not taken

Position: RW/ST

Height (Ft): 5’8

Weight (lbs.): 139

Dominant Foot: Right

What club do you support? Barcelona/ Manchester United

Who is your favorite player? Messi/ Chicharito

Soccer Dreams: Play pro in Europe.

Academic Goals:

Desired Major: I haven’t thought about it to much but i feel like i would want to major in Real Estate

Top 3 Colleges Wish list: 

1.UCLA | 2. Stanford | 3. University of Washington

What would you do if you were not playing soccer? I need to think about it more but I would focus on school and try to get a degree to support my family