LV pros soccer club

The Las Vegas Pros Soccer Club’s ultimate goal is to promote the development of young adults to become positive contributors to our communities as well as winning titles and personal awards in every collegiate and major league around the world!

The Las Vegas Pros Soccer Club approaches development from a comprehensive soccer system. We follow a proven step-by-step method that has 3 distinct development stages; Technical & Tactical Development, Game Awareness, and the growth of what we like to call the “Human Element.”

“Human Element” ~ a process for addressing and resolving human issues in life and the workplace.

The Las Vegas Pros Soccer Club promotes a highly competitive and challenging environment that pushes all its members to reach for the elite standards that have been our foundation.

Attitude, Effort, Communication, and Accountability is the credo we live by.

Welcome to The Pros!

LV Pros soccer team Las Vegas
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Home of the 2006 State Champions
Regional Champions
Desert League RegionalChampions
National League participant
2022 Dallas Cup Champions

soccer cup award
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